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Tactical RPG’Yugdra Union’ switch Korean version released

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Data provided-Arc System Works

The Arc System Works Asia branch announced that it will release the Korean version of STING’s tactical RPG, “Yugdra Union” Nintendo Switch™, and released the Korean version of the title logo.

“Yugdra Union” was first released as Game Boy Advance in 2006, and has been ported to various platforms and developed together. As it was released as the Nintendo Switch title, new features that were not previously added have been added. The game system that allows new players to feel the novelty is an attractive point.

In order to convey the unique charm of “Yugdra Union” to Korean users, the Arc System Works Asia branch will conduct Korean language throughout the game, including the dialogue of the character in the game, the battle system, and the interface.

More detailed information on 「Yugdra Union」 will be released on the website of Arc System Works Asia Branch, official blog, Facebook, and Twitter.


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