Tacos with Muchachos try cachanillas tacos in Tijuana

Tacos with Muchachos seeks to publicize the wide variety of taquerias that Tijuana has to offer, where styles, seasoning and presentations can be found in many ways, this time they arrived at Asadero Tecolote.

Asadero Tecolote is a taqueria from Mexicali, but located in Tijuana, in which quite different tacos are served since they serve dishes such as “La Costra” which is an “omelette” made by a grilled cheese crust, the which is stuffed with marinated and roasted meat.

One of the elements that makes Asadero Tecolote stand out is that they do not use the same meat as other taquerias, since the cuts served there are less common, in addition to being fresher, some of these are Rib Eye, Sirloin and New York.

This section of Tacos with Muchachos was part of the most recent episodes of Baja Window to the South, where topics such as the role of Score International in off-road racing in Baja California, as well as the Castro-Limón Foundation, organizations which, thanks to their events, attract tourists from all over the world to the state.

In Tacos with Muchachos, Scott Koenig will be inviting different personalities to try different types of tacos, this time with the presence of Tony Tee.

If you want to see the full episode of Baja Window to the South where this topic was discussed, click here.

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