Tabitha Kelly: How She Saves Thousands on Groceries and Wins with Frozen Paid

She chose this way of life in order to avoid the drudgery of shopping. To spend less, she also makes provisions for a period of six months.

Inevitably, it requires a certain organization. In addition to a hell of a checkbook! Since she spends more than 7,000 euros each time.

At that price, it’s worth having the loyalty card.

Tabitha Kelly explains that buying in large quantities allows her to benefit from discounts.

She plans everything she’s going to eat to make sure she doesn’t forget anything when shopping.

To keep all her products fresh, she freezes everything and helps herself as she goes.

Logically, that frees him of the budget for the summer holidays. In other words, the famous frozen paid.

It must be said that she loves money: the famous Tabitha Cash.

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2023-06-09 18:00:00

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