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Donating organs can save many lives, which is why campaigns are carried out at the state and national levels to promote the culture of organ donation, as well as blood donation.

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In case you have already decided that when you die you want to donate your organs so that they can be used for people who need them, we will tell you what the procedure is to leave your wish in writing.

Differences between tacit donation and express donation

It should be noted that the tacit donation occurs when a donor did not express in a document his refusal so that after his death his organs are used for transplants, in this case the consent will be given by the spouse, descendants, siblings, the adopted or the adopter.

On the other hand, in the case of express donation, the donor expresses in writing or verbally his willingness to donate his organs in life or after death, which is considered a broad donation when his body is made available, or limited when certain parameters are given.

What organs can I donate?

The voluntary organ and tissue donation card allows people to express in writing their desire to be a donor.

The organs that can be donated are the kidneys, liver, heart, pancreas, stomach, intestine and lungs. Although tissues, bones, corneas and heart valves can also be obtained.

How to become a donor?

If you want to be a voluntary donor, you need to enter where you will have to register the data to be accredited as a donor. Among the information requested are the full name, the curp, the place of residence and an email.

Similarly, if you wish to obtain an official format to express your express consent, which cannot be revoked by any third party, you can request your donor card.

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