T-Mobile will make the final stop behind 3G internet in the Czech Republic

The shutdown is mainly due to the fact that obsolete third-generation networks release the frequencies needed for the development of LTE and 5G signals. “Customers will not be affected by the termination of the 3G network. The vast majority of mobile phones use the modern LTE (4G) network or the 5G network with the fastest data transfer and short response to transmit calls, messages and to connect to the Internet, “said T-Mobile spokeswoman Zuzana Svobodová.

Most users will not even notice this technological change. Modern phones can automatically retune between bands, so if the operator turns on a 4G or 5G transmitter in a given location instead of 3G, they will simply use a more modern standard.

But owners of several years old smartphones will not have it so easy. These are usually devices released before 2013.

“For less than one percent of customers who still use the 3G network, the 2G network will be used for voice calls and SMS messages. This network will remain in full operation and its coverage is significantly wider than in the 3G network, “added Svobodová.

The phones will continue to work. But without the internet

If you want to make a phone call or write an SMS, you don’t have to change your older phone, it will use the nationwide 2G network, which remains. However, in connection with the change, people will lose 3G mobile internet.

People can easily check what mobile standard their phone offers, for example T-Mobile website. Here’s how to find out if their SIM card supports LTE / 5G connections. At O2, all you have to do is dial the code * 444 * # on your mobile phone.


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