T.Hansen and Christoferson win the Spanish RX stage

Timi Hansen won the World Rallycross Championship in Spain on Saturday, playing the main favorite Johann Christoferson.

On Saturday in the qualifying phase, Christopher was once again the most stable, winning two victories and one second place. After winning his semi-final, the Swede went to the final as the main favorite. There was an interesting nuance in the tire strategy: Christopher went to the final with used tires, while the winner of the second semi-final, Timijs Hansen, started with new ones. Kristoferson both won the start and seemed to form an advantage. However, in the second part of the trip, his pace began to decline compared to Hansen. A perfect joker strategy performed by Hansen, and the world champion won his first victory this season. Christopheress second, Kevin Hansen third.

Brāļi Hanseni. Photo: eTeamHansenRX

It should be noted that before the Spanish RX stage, Hansen’s team conducted extensive tests, which apparently gave the desired result, which allowed Hansen to climb the podium.

A less successful day came to Matthias Ekstrom, who struggled with a clutch defect that prevented him from making good starts and fighting for higher results. At the finish, Ekstroms was fifth.


1. Timmy HANSEN 04:47.809
2. Johan KRISTOFFERSSON 04:48.226
3. Kevin HANSEN 04:49.839
4. Niclas GRÖNHOLM 04:50.787
5. Mattias EKSTRÖM 04:51.231
6. Andreas BAKKERUD 04:52.216

In the first stage of the European Championship Super 1600 class, the Swiss Jurijs Belevskis started the winner of the qualification amount Gergelia Martonas at the start, winning, in the third place the Finn Rasmus Tuominen.

On the second day of the competition, Ekstroms was very fast, winning two of the three qualifying rounds. Andreas Bakeruds was the fastest in the final qualification. In this order, the riders also finished after three qualifying rounds. Kevin and Timmy Hansen took third and fourth place, but only Christoferson was fifth, who was not an ally this time.

In the first semi-final after the start, Ekstroms was in the lead, followed by Christopher and Larson. Christopher was the first leader in the joker, but later Ekstroms did the same. But this time, Ekstrom was a little short of returning to the track as a leader after making a joker, and he came in second with a loss to Christopher. Larsons was third. An unfortunate trip for Kevin Hansen, who, after making a joker stuck behind the slowest Tamasha Karaya. Kevin was no longer able to catch the leaders when Karais was overtaken. Finished fourth for Hansen.

Bakerud celebrated the victory in the second semi-final fierce battle, followed closely by Timm Hansen throughout the race, who finished second. Third place to Anton Marklund.

Photo: GCK

In the final start, Bakerud ran on top of Christopher’s car in the first turn, which started turning in the first turn at that time. After the contact, the Bakeruda car took off and ran into the tires. Meanwhile, a good start from the last row had given way to Larson, but his trip was stopped by a Bakerud car, which he turned into, and Larson ran into, so both athletes were forced to withdraw. Meanwhile, Christopher celebrated a convincing victory, while Hansen was second. Ekstrom was third for a long time, but then the Swede made a mistake, slipped off the track and fell to fourth, while Anton Marklund climbed to third.


1. Johan KRISTOFFERSSON 04:39.638
2. Timmy HANSEN 04:42.375
3. Anton MARKLUND 04:44.640
4. Mattias EKSTRÖM 04:59.035
5. Andreas BAKKERUD 00:00.000
6. Robin LARSSON 00:00.000

In the second stage of the European Championship Super 1600 class, the Swiss Yuri Belevski won again, leaving behind Marat Kņazevs and Gergelia Martons.

Overall rating in Super 1600 class:

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