Szumowski sold part of the OncoArendi shares

2020-11-30 15:15

2020-11-30 15:15

photo: Marek Wiśniewski / FORUM

During Monday’s session, President Marcin Szumowski and related entity Szumowski Investments sold part of their shares in OncoArendi. A similar move was made by Sławomir Broniarek who sits on the board.

A total of 75 thousand. shares for PLN 50 were sold personally on Monday by OncoArendi CEO Marcin Szumowski. Another 101.5 thousand of shares for PLN 50 was sold by a company related to Szumowski – Szumowski Investments sp. z oo. In total, Szumowski got rid of 176 thousand. shares worth nearly PLN 9 million. However, he still has over 1 million shares of the company, which give over 9 percent. votes at the AGM.

The transaction was also made by Sławomir Broniarek, who is a member of the Management Board of Onco. On his part, the supply was 6 thousand. shares, which he also sold for PLN 50. The transaction was therefore worth 300,000. PLN. Broniarek is not included in the list of significant shareholders of Onco.


– According to the information in the company’s possession, the transactions described in the notifications were carried out in response to the growing interest in investing in the issuer’s shares by institutional investors and, at the same time, aimed at diversifying the private assets of persons discharging managerial responsibilities. These people maintain their high assessment of the condition and prospects of the Company and developed projects after signing a license agreement with Galapagos NV – was given in the Onco current report.

Let us recall OncoArendi Therapeutics in early November signed with the Belgian company Galapagos multi-year contract for the development of the chitinase platform and granting a global license for double chitinase inhibitors, including the OATD-01 molecule. Last week, OncoArendi Therapeutics received an initial payment of € 25 million from Galapagos NV.

The deal caused a significant increase in the value of Onco shares. Even at the beginning of November, they were valued at about PLN 15, but on November 9, they were even paid for PLN 80. Today it is about PLN 50.

Let us remind you that Marcin Szumowski is privately the brother of Łukasz Szumowski, the recent Minister of Health. President of Onco on the border between politics, business and science told, among others in an interview conducted by PAP in June this year.


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