Sziky on the bitcoins won at the 2011 Starcraft tournament: “I didn’t take them, I asked them to pay me $ 40” – Games

Shiksay “Sziky” Miklos left a comment for about participating in the AoV iCCup StarLeague. At the tournament, the cybersportsman took 5th place and received 25 bitcoins. Then they were valued at $ 41.

“I don’t remember everything, but I definitely didn’t take bitcoins. Perhaps he asked to pay me 40 dollars, ”said the Hungarian player.

AoV iCCup StarLeague passed ten years ago. Players who finished 5th-8th received bitcoin prizes. Now the price of one bitcoin is more than 40 thousand dollars.

For the sake of “Rendezvous with a Stranger” we dreamed that the parents would go to the country. After all, there were dope girls and striptease!

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