Syrsky: the defense of Bakhmut breaks the plans of the Russian Federation and forces it to refuse to move forward

It is indicated that Syrsky is located on the most important sectors of the front along with his units, where the Ukrainian military give a worthy rebuff to the enemy and continue to hold the city.

For the defense of Bakhmut, forces and resources have been attracted that prevent the enemy from realizing his plan, break his plans and force him to refuse to move forward“, – said the colonel-general.

Syrsky emphasized that the real heroes now are the defenders who hold the eastern front on their shoulders, and “not sparing either themselves or their enemies, inflict maximum losses on it.”

It is necessary to buy time for the accumulation of reserves and the start of the spring counteroffensive, which is just around the corner,” said the commander of the Ground Forces.

It is also reported that Syrsky constantly controls the operational situation at the front and takes the necessary measures to keep Bakhmut under Ukrainian control.

Photo: Syrsky is located on the most important sectors of the front along with his units (

The defense of Bakhmut continues

Recall, as British intelligence reported, in recent days the “Wagnerites” allegedly took control of most of the eastern part of the city of Bakhmut and now the front line runs through its center along the Bakhmutka River.

Meanwhile, the Office of the President noted that Ukraine and its forces have enough resources to protect Bakhmut.

We add, as the Ministry of Defense warned, Russia launched another information attack on Bakhmut. The aggressor country is spreading disinformation about alleged conflicts between the military-political leadership of Ukraine in the defense of the city.

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