Synova: Recycling specialist strengthens the board

Dr. Willem Sederel (Foto: Circular Biobased Delta)

The recycling company Synova (Maassluis / Netherlands) has appointed Dr. Willem Sederel appointed to the board. “Dr. Sederel is an industry veteran with a proven track record of bringing new technologies to market and scaling up new technologies in the chemical and polymer industries, “said Van Morris, who heads the subsidiary of French petrochemical company Total.” This experience will help Synova advance our technology scale. “

Sederel began his career at Shell Research in Amsterdam and spent 26 years at General Electric, eventually becoming Director of Chemistry at GE Corporate and Chief Technology Officer of Polycarbonate at GE Plastics. When Sabic acquired GE Plastics in 2007, he held global leadership of polycarbonate technology for two more years and was named a Global Innovation Leader.



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