Synopsis The Bond of Love January 4, 2022: Andin Fainted, Irvan Angry at Aldebaran

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – soap operas Love Bond January 4, 2022, returns to display the tension of the moment Try screaming for help Irvan.

After Try and Andin dinner, they accidentally met Irvan.

Wife Aldebaran still hiding his household problems to Om Irvan.

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Andin and Try then say goodbye to Irvan because his online car had arrived to pick them up.

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Synopsis of the bond of love January 4, 2022 RCTI

Love Bond today’s broadcast time is at 20.30 WIB, as quoted from the teaser video uploaded to the Instagram account @ikatancinta.mncp.

Showing Andin passed out in the car, then Try hysterically asking for help from uncle Irvan.

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