Synopsis Bond of Love January 28, 2022: Irvan Desperate to harm Mama Rosa, did Al come on time?

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – soap operas Love Bond 28 January 2022 will be back at 19:45 on RCTI, if there is no change in the schedule.

Soap opera storyline Love Bond today is getting tenser, after Aldebaran and Randy knowing Iqbal, the perpetrator of the abuse of Jessica.

Because, Irvan Those who don’t know the information are even desperate to act well in front of the police to free them Mama Rosa.

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in fact, Irvan not intending to deliver Mama Rosa to Pondok Pelita but to take him somewhere.

What a despicable thing to do Irvan to Mama Rosa because his heart was covered with a deep grudge.

Aldebaran and Randy has taken Iqbal to the police station for the case of harassment of Jessica.

But is Aldebaran will succeed in saving Mama Rosa?

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