Symptoms of type 2 diabetes .. Bladder or bowel problems are a sign of the disease

diabetic Type 2 is a chronic condition resulting from the body’s inability to produce enough insulin or the cells not absorbing the insulin that the body produces, as insulin is responsible for regulating blood sugar, and high blood sugar levels cause a series of health problems that It may not be controlled at times, such as nerve damage or neuropathy, according to the“.

There are different types of Neuropathy Symptoms depend on the type of nerve damage, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCThe problems of the bladder, intestines, stomach, and eyes may be caused by nerve damage, and bladder or bowel problems caused by type 2 diabetes are usually in the form of urine leakage, constipation or diarrhea.

Other warning signs of type 2 diabetes include the following:

1- Nausea, loss of appetite, and vomiting.

2- Changes in how the eyes adapt from light to dark.

3- Impotence

According to the UK Health Services Authority (NHSIf one of the previous symptoms appears, you must consult a doctor and take a blood test, as diagnosing type 2 diabetes early and starting treatment immediately helps reduce the risk of exposure to other health problems.

It is important to make lifestyle changes to reduce blood sugar levels, especially when type 2 diabetes is detected, as carbohydrates must be avoided, as they are the worst factors behind this disease, because the body breaks down Carbohydrates Rapidly leads to an increase in blood glucose, and foods with a high carbohydrate content include white bread, potatoes, white rice, and others.

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