Symptoms of the Omicron Variant are Similar to Other Covid-19, But Milder

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New variant of the virus Covid-19 The omicron variant, which is currently in the world’s spotlight and was first discovered in South Africa, has symptoms that are not much different from other viruses.

Pediatrician who is also a member of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI), Anggraini Alam said, the omicron variant can spread very quickly and even faster than the delta variant and has symptoms that are not much different from other viruses when it attacks children.

“If you say, it is similar to other viral infections in children. It is not easy to distinguish,” he said in a discussion held by IDAI, Monday (29/11).

Common symptoms that can be felt are fatigue, headaches and other symptoms of illness. This Omicron variant is indeed no different from the symptoms of other Covid-19 variants. However, what distinguishes it from other variants is that this virus is said to have a higher mutation rate so that transmission is fast even though the symptoms are mild.

“Therefore, it is impossible not to do a test, but it is very important, it can be with antigen or PCR. So to find out what variant this is, it is necessary to take the sample again to the central lab,” he said.

Previously, a doctor in South Africa also revealed that the symptoms of the Omicron variant are indeed very mild or not severe and can be treated at home. The symptoms of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 were revealed by the Chair of the South African Medical Association, doctor Angelique Coetzee.

Coetzee was one of the first doctors to treat patients with Covid-19 variant B.1.1.529. Coetzee said a patient at his clinic had symptoms of extreme tiredness for two days accompanied by body aches and headaches. According to him, these symptoms are normal for infections due to viruses.

In contrast to the symptoms of COVID-19, the Omicron variant of the corona virus is also said to not eliminate the sense of taste and smell as is generally experienced by patients with other variants of Covid-19.


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