Sylvie Meis’ girlfriend is annoyed by the wedding requirements: ‘How can you enjoy yourself?’

Sylvie Meis is getting married in a few days and is announcing more and more rules for her wedding day, much to the surprise of many people. Now a friend of Sylvie also expresses her irritation: “How can you create a dream wedding with the imposed rules?”

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The diva said at the beginning of the year that it would be an ‘intimate, relaxed’ wedding. Nothing seems to be left of this after Sylvie and her fiancé Niclas made more and more demands for their big day (s). Sylvie admits in Gala that she suffers from a little ‘bridal stress’.

The ‘intimate, informal’ wedding is celebrated for no less than four days in a chic hotel in Florence. Guests who want to use their phones during the ceremony come home from a rude awakening: Sylvie demands that all guests turn in their phones.

Her fiancé Niclas also suggests a bizarre rule for their wedding: he demands to stay completely out of the picture and refuses to pose in even one wedding photo …


No phones, groom or photos: is Sylvie’s wedding fake?


Sylvie’s friends are supposed to help her get ready on the morning of the wedding. Sylvie says about this: “We drink champagne and I will be very excited.”

A friend of Sylvie expresses her irritations about the big day during the Weekend. She cannot understand that Sylvie wants to celebrate her wedding in this way.

“Why Sylvie insists on saying yes at this time is a mystery to me. She is a perfectionist, but how can you create a dream wedding with the imposed rules. How can you enjoy it optimally? ”

The girlfriend also admits that she does not expect Sylvie to adhere to the ‘corona rules’ during her marriage. “If her guests are too close together and that is being recorded by paparazzo photographers, she can shake it.”

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