Syahrial reveals the figure of AKP Robin’s ‘boss’ when collecting bribes, who?


The Mayor of Tanjungbalai, M Syahrial, said that he was a former KPK investigator AKP Stepanus Robin Pattuju often mentions the phrase ‘boss’ when collecting money from Syahrial. Syahrial assessed that the ‘boss’ referred to by AKP Robin was the head of the KPK.

Initially, Syahrial admitted that he asked AKP Robin for help to close the case of buying and selling Tanjungbalai positions. The condition is that Syahrial must give money to Robin Rp. 2 billion, but Syahrial did not agree and only agreed to Rp. 1.695 billion.

“There was a (agreement) to close my case in Tanjungbalai, a case that was auctioned off for positions. At that time I conveyed it to Robin to help close the case and finally the nominal agreed upon, I was with Robin, first Rp 2 billion, I couldn’t because I was Pilkada Finally, it was at Rp 1.695 billion,” said Syahrial at the Jakarta Corruption Court, Jalan Bungur Besar Raya, Central Jakarta, Monday (11/10/2021).

Then the KPK prosecutor showed capture conversation between Syahrial and Robin via the Signal application. The contents of the conversation discussed Robin visiting the house of former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Azis Syamsuddin.

During the conversation, Robin told Syahrial that he was on his way to Azis’s house. Then, suddenly Robin asked Syahrial for the agreement money related to the Tanjungbalai case.

“(Chat Robin) ‘Permission, bro, maybe you can move? What does this mean?” asked the KPK prosecutor.

“Slide send (money), sir, collect,” said Syahrial.

The prosecutor then continued to confirm Syahrial and Robin’s conversation. In the next conversation there is Robin’s statement saying he has been billed by ‘boss’.

“‘Because above when the phone is like collect debt?’ Above whom do you understand?” asked the prosecutor again

“Leadership, sir,” answered Syahrial briefly.

Syahrial admitted that Robin did not explain who the ‘superior’ figure was. However, what Syahrial understood was the ‘superior’ of the KPK leadership.

In addition, Robin is said to have collected Rp 1.4 billion from the Rp 1.695 billion deal. Again when collecting the money Robin brought the name ‘boss’. This was revealed from the conversation between Robin and Syahrial through the Signal application which was read by the prosecutor at the trial.

“‘Permission Bang, it’s all less than 1.4 meters away, you mean?” the prosecutor asked again.

“At that time, I didn’t finish it, sir. At that time I gave around Rp. 200 million, sir, (1.4 meters) meaning billion, sir,” explained Syahrial.

The prosecutor then read out Syahrial’s BAP in which Robin mentioned ‘the boss’.

“BAP 57: ‘So what do you think, bro, because ‘above’ is still in need,” said the prosecutor.

The BAP was also confirmed by Syahrial. According to Syahrial, Robin’s statement hinted at the leadership of the KPK.

“That’s right, sir. As far as I know the needs of the leader, sir, I understand,” explained Syahrial.

Syahrial Also Gives ‘Aid Money’

In addition, Syahrial also admitted to giving aid money to Robin. This money is outside the agreed amount of Rp. 1.695 billion.

“As far as I remember BAP, there was other money that was only aid, namely January 2, 2021 when Robin came home from leave, I gave Rp. 15 million, on April 6, 2021, when Robin and his friends were working in Banggai, I gave Rp. 10 million,” said the prosecutor and Syahrial agreed.

Regarding the Rp 1.695 billion money, Syahrial said that he had transferred the money to the accounts in the names of Riefka Amalia and Maskur Husain.

“The first award was at Rp. 1.4 billion, and after the Pilkada was over, I finished the final (Rp. 1.695 billion),” explained Syahrial.

In this case, the defendants are AKP Robin and Maskur Husain. In the prosecutor’s indictment, AKP Robin had brought the name ‘boss’ when asking Syahrial for money. However, the KPK prosecutor did not reveal more details about it.

“That initially in November 2020, M Syahrial only sent money in the amount of Rp. 350,000,000, so that in December 2020 the defendant convinced M Syahrial to immediately send the rest of the money that had been agreed upon with the words ‘because the above is in need of a bang’, “said the prosecutor when reading the indictment of Robin and Maskur.

Also watch the video ‘KPK will investigate the bribery of former Kukar-Regent Azis Syamsuddin to AKP Robin’:

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