Swollen Eyes Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Pain, Here Are the Characteristics

LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM — Sick kidney chronic it can be detected through conditions eye swollen.

Reported from Republika.co.id, many people have sick kidney chronically unaware of his condition. Mostly because symptom this condition is not always visible.

That is why it is important to know all the signs sick kidney chronic, including those that may lie ahead eye.

Here are the features eye swollen which is a sign of sick kidney chronic.

1. Eyes swollen, immediately check with the doctor

A doctor who works with USA Hemp, Clara Lawson says eye swollen can be an early sign of disease kidney. According to Lawson, kidney responsible for filtering waste materials from our bodies, and when kidney damaged, their ability to perform this task is impaired.

When kidney cannot function properly, Lawson says its ability to maintain the filtration process is reduced, so protein begins to leak through the urine instead of storing it in the body. “The loss of protein from the body results in the storage of fluids and minerals such as calcium and phosphate around” eye, which then causes swollen around eye,” said Lawson as quoted by Best Life, Monday, September 13, 2021.

2. Eyes swollen consequence sick kidney Chronic has certain characteristics

Eye swollen It can also be a sign of other, less worrisome problems, such as stress, lack of sleep, or allergies. That’s why it’s important to know the characteristics eye swollen caused by disease kidney.

According to Lawson, eye will be seen swollen, dry, and irritated if it shows problems with the kidney. Doctor eye certified with the Manhattan Eye in New York City, Yuna Rapoport says if eye very swollen in the morning, it is often a sign that something is wrong with kidney.

3. Get to know symptom other

Although it is often one of the early signs of disease kidney, according to Rapport, eye swollen can’t be the only one symptom what you experienced. He says you may see swelling in other places, such as the hands and feet.

Other non-swelling symptoms include fatigue, decreased appetite, morning sickness, urine discoloration or foamy urine, dry or itchy skin, muscle cramps, and pain in the back and lower abdomen. Both Lawson and Rapoport say you should talk to your doctor about illness kidney, if you see symptomsymptom that.

Lawson emphasized that kidney plays one of the most important roles in sustaining life. “It is highly recommended to consult a doctor and get checked kidney, if you have observed eye swollen and symptom recently, to diagnose the problem kidney in the early stages, ”Lawson said.

4. Disease kidney can lead to serious long-term consequences

According to Lawson, some diseases kidney It can be treated, but early diagnosis is the only thing that will reduce complications. “Disease kidney in the early stages can be treated, (but) if there is disease kidney that reaches an advanced stage, it can be a life-threatening situation for you,” he said.

The Mayo Clinic says that disease kidney Chronic pain can affect almost every part of the body, with serious long-term consequences. These include heart disease, pregnancy complications, decreased immune response, and anemia. You may also incur permanent damage to kidney, after the disease has progressed far enough without treatment, to require dialysis or a transplant kidney, to survive.

“If kidney You are not working well, all the waste materials will start to accumulate in your blood and make you very sick,” said Lawson.

The long-term consequences associated with this are high blood pressure, weak bones, shortness of breath, low blood counts, nerve damage, and heart problems. If you have observed the early signs of the disease kidney, you should get treatment immediately.

That’s information about eye swollen which can be symptom sick kidney chronic. Hope it is useful.


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