Swollen and tingling finger tips, immediately check with a doctor, it could be lung cancer

DESKABABLE – If you feel any limbs experience tingling continuously or fingertip swollen, don’t take it lightly. Immediately consult a doctor, because it could be part of one of the symptoms cancer paru paru.

Because sometimes for some people tingling and fingertip swollen is a common thing that is not associated with any dangerous disease. It would be better if anticipatory action is the best step, one of which is to see a doctor.

One of the signs that happened to cancer Early stage lungs are clubbing fingers, where fingertip swollen due to lack of oxygen.

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In addition to causing pain or weakness in the arms, shoulders, and sometimes the chest, in some cases, the tumor can suppress blood flow to the head, resulting in swelling around the face as well.

Quoting from PMJ News, the most common form of cancer It occurs in the airways leading to the lungs, and this often causes symptoms such as shortness of breath, wheezing, and a persistent cough with blood or phlegm.

Very often these symptoms may be caused by other conditions as well. Taking care of your general physical health and avoiding risk factors are the first steps in reducing your risk of getting cancer late lung.

Lung cancer often spreads faster than other forms of lung cancer cancer other. This cancer is usually caused by cigarette smoke, radiation, and substances such as asbestos, chromium, and nickel compounds.

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