Switzerland: mandatory quarantine for those arriving from four regions of Italy

Switzerland has included three other Italian regions in its coronavirus “black list”: they are Veneto. Campania and Sardinia, which are added to the Liguria. Anyone who enters Switzerland from these territories must place themselves in fiduciary quarantine. The Bern ministry of health has updated, as it does periodically, the list of regions and states to which travel restrictions are placed. The list gets longer from week to week and includes now entire EU states (including Spain, Great Britain, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary and Belgium) or non-EU (United States, Canada, Brazil, India, Israel). In other cases, the quarantine obligation is introduced only for individual regions (as in the Italian case). Thus compulsory confinement only concerns (with reference to the Germany) who comes from Berlin and Hamburg, or who comes from Paris, the French Riviera, Normandy, Brittany (regarding the France).

Switzerland introduces these self-protection measures on the basis of a strictly mathematical criterion: if in a given territory the number of Covid cases every 100,000 inhabitants rises above 60, the quarantine “yellow light” goes off. Liguria, the first Italian region to end up on the list, had protested with the Swiss consular authorities considering the excessive restriction (an outbreak had been identified only in the province of La Spezia) but without success. The Confederation had not said it was prepared to depart from its arithmetic criterion

October 9, 2020 (change October 9, 2020 | 15:51)



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