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As we reminded you in a paper published last September, Nintendo does not tolerate the emulation or hacking of its machines. An aggressive policy which very often leads the company to prosecute certain people, as is the case today with a reseller of chips allowing to crack the Switch.

Switch: Nintendo wins an additional victory against piracy

Like most consoles before it, the youngest of Nintendo was hacked by a group of programmers determined to allow the launch of copies of games. While the Japanese firm hoped to reduce piracy by returning to the good old cartridges that had so fiercely defended the illustrated Hiroshi Yamauchi, Team-Xecuter has developed a chip to crack the Switch. Once it is installed in the device, the user can then launch copied versions of the games via an SD card.

It is not this team of pirates who is now in question, but a dealer named Sergio Moreno. It offered for sale the famous chips, as well as modified versions of the NES Classic Edition containing more than 800 games. An intolerable business for Big N who took this man to the court of California a few weeks ago. Result, an immediate injunction for Moreno who is thus prohibited from “modifying, selling, renting or distributing unauthorized copies of Nintendo technologies, software or registered trademarks”.

Switch: Nintendo wins an additional victory against piracy

No fines or additional penalties were imposed on Sergio Moreno, certainly because he ultimately had no direct connection to the Team-Xecuter team as Nintendo had first imagined. He will however have to destroy all the modded devices in his possession, as well as the applications that go with it, and pay the lawyer fees. An additional victory for Japanese society which therefore continues its anti-piracy crusade. In recent months, it has in fact managed to shut down many sites allowing to download roms such as RomUniverse, LoveROMs.com or LoveRetro.com.

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