Swiss tennis star Federer retires next week to send best wishes from the tennis world

Swiss tennis star Federer retires next week to send best wishes from the tennis world

2022-09-17 12:47:59Source: Beijing Daily

Swiss tennis star Federer will retire next week

News from this newspaper (Reporter Li Yuanfei) On September 15, Beijing time, 20-time Grand Slam champion and Swiss tennis star Federer posted a letter to the tennis family and fans on his official website, announcing that he will play the next week He retires from professional tennis after the Laver Cup in London. One stone has caused a thousand waves and in the last 24 hours Federer has also become a buzzword throughout the tennis world.

The ATP (Pro Tennis Federation) commented: “You changed the game.” The WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) released a photo – Federer side by side with Serena Williams, who announced her retirement from the US Open not long ago In front of the camera, the following is attached the text “A great epoch has come. in the end “, insinuating that the two greatest contemporary players take their leave one after the other from the world of tennis. The official commentary of the French Open was “Roger Federer, the sports legend”. The official Wimbledon official wrote: “He does not matter how much he wins, but the trial he does”. In addition, the Australian Open and the official Waring Card, Tim, Zverev Jr., Tsitsipas and other players also sent greetings and wishes.

Among them, an impressive letter from Federer’s biggest opponent, 22 Grand Slam winners, “the king of clay” Nadal wrote to Federer: “My friend and opponent, I hope this day lasts forever. Don’t come. It’s a sad day for me personally and for people who love sports around the world. We talked about it in our conversations, but now it’s true. Over the years we have lived it all together on and off the pitch The moment is both an honor and an honor to me. I think we will have many more moments like this in the future and we can do many things together. For now, I sincerely hope you are happy, with your wife Mill Cards, children and family to enjoy the future together, see you in London”.

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