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New mortgage

When buying a property, whether as a main residence or for a yield object, we assist you in all the process, from the analysis of the project, to the estimation of the property, to the determination of the purchasing potential, the search for the best conditions as well as tax optimization.

Mortgage renewal

In the context of a mortgage renewal, it is important to redo a complete analysis of the situation to better understand the future. We also find you the best conditions for your renewal.

Types of mortgages

Fixed rate

In the case of a fixed rate mortgage, the mortgagee and the mortgageegrant on a rate ofinterest that remains the same and those over the life of the mortgage. This protected the taker against any rate hikes during this pre-defined.

SARON rate

The SARON rate has replaced the LIBOR rate and is calculated on actual and completed transactions. The SARON is situated between the fixed rate and the variable rate, since it is possible to set it for terms of 3, 6 or 12 months.

Floating rate

With the rates ofinterests current, themortgage variable rate is the most expensive and applies almost exclusively to short-term financing. There is no fixed term in this type of mortgage.


Direct amortization

Indirect amortization


1. Study of your personal situation

This step is essential since it consists in evaluating your purchasing potential when looking for a property. the main aspects covered here will be income as well as available equity.

2. Funding strategy

Developing a financing strategy means identifying the various parameters of a mortgage, namely rate, term and amortization.

With 360 ° advice, all solutions are offered allowing you to calmly apprehend the future.

3. Seeking the best from banks and insurance companies

This part of research is our expertise, allowing you to save considerable time and negotiate stronger rates thanks to our experience and our relations with financial institutes. our goal is to find you the best deal on the market.

4. Proposal of offers

Once all the offers have been negotiated and collected, we submit them to you in order to present them to you in a transparent manner, leaving you complete freedom of choice. With our advice, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each solution to you.

5. Signature with the chosen financial institution

Once your choice has been made, we will accompany you to the bank or insurance in question to finalize the signing of the mortgage framework contracts.


We also have all the tools to support you in a purchase abroad.

Whether it is for the purchase of a primary residence, a secondary residence or a yield property, we find the solution to your needs.

With our specialist in border, we help you in all processes between Switzerland, France, Italy and Germany.


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