Swipe your phone all day! Daughter was taken by dad to the construction site to move bricks

Continental Center / Reported by You Shuting

▲ A father in China took his daughter to the construction site to experience it. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo)

Modern people are more and more dependent on 3C products, and even children are prone to “mobile phone addiction” because of their early access to mobile phones. Especially now during the summer vacation, the time to play with mobile phones has increased. A father in China watched his daughter every day. Playing with her mobile phone, she took her to the construction site to experience workmanship. The video aroused discussions among many netizens, but some sharp-eyed netizens caught a bright spot, questioning that it was a show.

According to Lu media reports, a father surnamed Wang shared a video on the Internet in Huainan City, Anhui Province, China. In the video, a beautiful sister with a ponytail was moving bricks and recycling at the construction site. Dad Wang said that he hoped his daughter could borrow it. From this experience, she understands the importance of reading, so that she can stop playing with her mobile phone every day and pick up books and read hard.

In the video shared by my father, Wang Nan’s daughter wears gloves and a towel to move bricks. From time to time, she shows a very hard expression to the camera. Wang Nan also shared in the video that her daughter was very motivated on the first day, but on the second day. I started to perfunctory things, and I did not want to continue doing it on the third day, and told my father that I wanted to go home to study.

Seeing this father’s education, many netizens bluntly said “smart dad”, “all children should experience the difficulty of making money”, “this education method is good”, “the world depends on the family, and the basic knowledge depends on the school”, “good dad” . However, some netizens said that the clothes were the same for three days in the film, and the places where the dirty things were on their faces did not change. They questioned that the film was just made for a show, because the film has accumulated 310,000 likes on Douyin.

Netizens found that the girl's clothes were the same for three days.  (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo)

▲ Netizens found that the girl’s clothes were the same for three days. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo)

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