Swedish divers made macabre discovery:

The discovery took place in the lake Lekarydsån, not far from the center of the village Alvesta. The experienced recreational divers Henric Sandqvist and Tobias Nordgren appeared from the water with seven carrier bags full of stones and animal remains.

The animal remains in all probability belong to kittens, which have been drowned by their owners.

– People are idiots, Sandquist states.

He has been diving for 20 years, he says Smålandsposten that it is not uncommon to find the remains of drowned kittens.

– Bags with stones in them usually mean kittens or another animal. It sounds awful, but unfortunately you get used to it, the diver tells the newspaper.

Wilhelmina Ehrenkrona is an animal welfare officer in the county of Kronoberg, where the discovery was made.

– It is animal cruelty, she states.

According to the Swedish Animal Welfare Act, anyone who causes unnecessary suffering by killing kittens or other domestic animals can be punished with a fine or imprisonment for up to two years.

– If you come across someone drowning kittens, you should immediately report them for animal cruelty, Ehrenkrona states.

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