Sweden: man arrested for murder after 20 years

REMAINS FOUND: In April 2017, the remains of the body of Marua Ajouz (18) were found in a residential complex outside Malmö.

18-year-old Swedish Marua Ajouz disappeared in December 2002 while shopping for Christmas presents with a friend in Malmö. After 20 years, there may now be an explanation for the case.


is Southern Sweden who first mentioned the arrest.

– I can confirm that there is one person who has been arrested and is a suspect in the murder of an 18-year-old woman from 20 to 21 December 2002 in Malmö, prosecutor Tomas Olvmyr told The evening paper.

Marua Ajouz disappeared in December 2002 while shopping for Christmas gifts with a friend in Malmö, Sweden. Ten months after her disappearance, her head was found by mushroom pickers in a forest area in Torup, outside the city.

15 years after the disappearance, in 2017, the body was found by excavators in a residential complex.

A man, who according to Swedish media was having an affair with the victim, has now been arrested and suspected of the dismemberment murder.

– After extensive investigative work by the police, new evidence has now emerged providing grounds for the arrest, prosecutor Thomas Olvmyr told Aftonbladet.

SHOPPING CHRISTMAS GIFTS: Marua Ajouz disappeared in December 2002 while shopping for Christmas presents with a friend in Malmö.

Witness statements

Olvmyr won’t go into detail about the type of evidence involved.

– We’ll interview the suspect first. I will decide before the end of the working week whether or not he will be detained, he tells Aftonbladet.

Karin Bogyo, head of the investigation at the police department for cold cases in Malmö, says she cannot go into more detail about what the evidence is about.

– A year ago, we launched a thorough investigation into the case. This led to today’s arrest. There has been new information and new information about witnesses who we believe can move the investigation forward, Bogyo tells Aftonbladet.

Not based on technical evidence

Bogyo says it is not specific evidence that led to the arrest.

– These are events and not technical tests. We have witness statements and other events that we will present to the suspect, Bogyo says.

She is optimistic and hopes the murder can be solved.

– If you have solid enough evidence, it will be enough to convict you. We have another case where it was enough and where we didn’t have any technical evidence, he says.

STRONGER EVIDENCE: Police tell Aftonbladet they now have stronger evidence than before.

– Stronger evidence

– He’s been in custody before, but that time he wasn’t charged due to lack of evidence. Now the evidence is stronger, says Bogyo.

The suspicious man has been in the police spotlight since the investigation began, he writes The Espresso.

After the skull was discovered in 2003, that man and his friends were suspected of having shot and dismembered Ajouz.

Due to lack of evidence, the Cold Cases Police Department had to deal with the investigation.

– No one else was mentioned. We know there’s more than one person involved, but that there’s only one main character. Right now we’re focusing on the main character, Bo Lundqvist, then the head of the police department for cold cases, told Expressen in 2017.

Aftonbladet writes that he tried to get in touch with the suspect’s defense attorney.

– Feeling better

Mohammad Ajouz, the father of Marua Ajouz, tells Aftonbadet that the news of the arrest was a relief.

– At least now it feels a little better. Perhaps we are getting closer to the truth. I hope we can finally bury her so she can rest in peace, Ajouz tells Aftonbladet.


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