Sweden: – Alarms: – Extreme load

– We now have an extreme load, and are adjusting to handle the acute situation. Virtually all planned activity where it is not about life must be postponed, says director of health and welfare Mikael Köhler in a press release.

The burden on hospitals increased sharply in the region after the Easter weekend due to increased infection, and in the last week a record number of corona patients have been admitted to the region, writes Aftonbladet.

– Maximum capacity

There are currently 131 corona-infected patients admitted to the Uppsala region. 25 of them receive treatment in the intensive care unit.

– The hospitals work on maximum capacity, says Köhler, and makes a clear appeal to the inhabitants:

– Assume that everyone you meet is infected and behave accordingly. Stay away from people, and if you have no choice, make sure you protect yourself with a face mask, hand wash and hand sanitizer.

In the last 14 days, the region has had an infection pressure of 824 infected per 100,000 inhabitants.

INFECTION PROTECTION: Several thousand people gathered on Saturday 3 April in Stuttgart to demonstrate against German corona measures. Police say most do not follow the infection control rules. Video: Twitter / @ G_P_L_M. Photo: Reuters / NTB
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Many seriously ill

The Dalarna region is also experiencing a large influx of corona patients.

On Tuesday, 20 patients in this region will be treated in the intensive care unit – more than ever, writes Aftonbladet.

– In addition, we have transferred several patients to other regions as well. In fact, we have not had so many seriously ill people before. says assistant infection control doctor Helena Ernlund Dalarna Tidende.

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– Very difficult situation

On Tuesday, 35 new corona deaths were reported in Sweden, and a total of 13,533 corona-infected people have now died.

The country has also registered 21,802 new cases of infection.

– Very many regions have a very difficult situation with an increase in the number of confirmed cases. A few regions have reported few cases. The whole country must now have a high focus on the spread of infection, said department head Karin Tegmark Wisell in the Public Health Authority at a press conference on Tuesday.

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