SV Wehen Wiesbaden Shock Arminia Bielefeld in Relegation First Leg to 2nd Bundesliga

Status: 06/03/2023 09:03 a.m

Third division team SV Wehen Wiesbaden shocked Arminia in Bielefeld in the relegation first leg to the 2nd Bundesliga. The Hessians won 4-0 (1-0) on Friday (June 2nd, 2023). However, the game was temporarily interrupted due to fan riots.

After the clear defeat, Bielefeld is on the verge of falling into the 3rd division and must also reckon with a severe penalty. Captain Fabian Klos was devastated after the game, denied his team “the character” and promised to continue playing after the probable relegation.

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Because of the riot, Arminia has to reckon with a penalty, maybe in the second leg next Tuesday. SVWW trainer Markus Kauczinski spoke out against a ghost game. “I’m not interested in an empty stadium. I don’t want a ghost game.” However, he called on those responsible at Arminia to work with the fans to ensure that the game was carried out safely.

First goal after seven minutes

Ivan Prtajin already had the third division in the lead in the seventh minute. The next goal came three quarters of an hour later when Johannes Wurtz raised for Wehen Wiesbaden (50th minute). Benedict Hollerbach scored the 3-0 for the supposed underdog (60th), which is worth seeing. The final point was set by John Iredale (82nd). After that, the game had to be interrupted for 20 minutes.

“Our match plan worked out perfectly. You can’t do it any better”praised SVWW coach Markus Kauczinski, “We needed something, but then we did it very well.” “We were fresh, we were bilious, we were there from the start”said Hollerbach after the game on “Sky”. “It’s the character of the team, everyone in the dressing room had a smile on their face”the goal scorer described the mood in the Wehen Wiesbaden dressing room before the game.

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Bielefeld with personnel worries

Arminen coach Uwe Koschinat surprisingly did without captain Klos in his starting eleven. Jomaine Consbruch was suspended, Lukas Klünter, Masaya Okugawa and Guilherme Ramos had to sit out due to injury. So weakened, the DSC didn’t get into the game in Hesse very well.

Although Marc Rzatkowski had the first vague shot chance for the guests (3rd), but the SVWW made the first trick. Brooklyn Ezeh crossed to the far post from the left. There Prtajin broke away from Andres Andrade and headed in from seven meters against the running direction of Arminia keeper Martin Fraisl on the top left.

Arminia does not get access

The decisive factor also happened early in the second half: after a free kick, Fraisl parried well against Ezeh’s shot, but Wurtz converted the rebound ice-coldly from five meters. When Hollerbach increased to 3:0 after a remarkable solo from his own half, the Bielefeld defeat was as good as sealed.

The hosts didn’t give up, even when angry Bielefeld supporters in the away block threatened to storm the pitch. Captain Fabian Klos, who has since been substituted, tried to calm the fans down. But when John Iredale single-handedly raised, some people from the Arminia curve were completely upset. Rockets and firecrackers forced referee Benjamin Brand to interrupt the game.

First, no police in the stadium

After firecrackers had already been fired onto the field after the 3-0, the referees ordered the game to be suspended. Two minutes later it continued. After the fourth goal, the situation threatened to escalate again. Klos burst into tears of disappointment as more smoke and firecrackers were fired.

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“A firecracker hit two meters next to me. It was extremely dangerous. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I was scared,” said Wehen Wiesbaden striker Benedict Hollerbach.

The police concept remained unclear. During the game, the stewards in the stadium in Wiesbaden were busy keeping the situation under control. Some fans were particularly concerned about a gate to the interior. But the police, who were apparently present with a hundred people in the area of ​​the stadium, only showed up in the interior after about ten minutes of the interruption.

Klos calms the situation and collects fireworks waste

Only then did the situation seem to calm down, and the referee team discussed how the game could be continued. Klos spoke again to the upset supporters and appealed to the spectators not to further disrupt the game. In addition, the leading player was not above collecting firecrackers that had burned off the pitch himself.

At this point there were still five minutes plus overtime to complete. At 10:47 p.m., Brand kicked off the game again. Fireworks were also set off after the game was over.

Interview: Klos devastated

“Thank God nobody got hurt”said Klos on “Sky”, “But the fans react to what the so-called team showed today. I’m realistic, it’s done. But I can’t face this team today.”

In the past two weeks, the character of the team had to be denied. And when asked about his future, Klos said: “I’m not going to stop like that. I can’t say anything for sure, but if Arminia plays in the 3rd division next season, I’ll be there.”

second leg on Tuesday

The fine performance of SV Wehen Wiesbaden moved into the background, but the team was duly celebrated by its peaceful fans.

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