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SV Darmstadt 98 loses in the 2nd Bundesliga at Erzgebirge Aue

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Markus beginning coached himself downright in a rage. Sometimes the head coach of the SV Darmstadt 98 like a commentator on the game, sometimes like a youth coach who constantly calls out things that are taken for granted in the form of commands. However, he did not prevent Lars Lukas Mai’s blackout. The central defender threw himself into the shot of an Auer player with his arm held high – and the video referee found that the handball had been just inside the penalty area.

Pascal Testroet’s penalty (56th) made it 2-0 for the Saxons, sucking the remaining energy reserves out of their legs and heads early on, which were not particularly pronounced on Sunday. Because Testroet hit his head almost unmolested after a simple throw-in and an unassisted cross (7th) and Dimitri Nazarov increased in stoppage time, the Darmstadt team had to accept the second sensitive neck blow in a row in the second division.

0: 4 at home against Paderborn, 0: 3 at Erzgebirge Aue is the sobering November series, after which the “lilies” are only two points before the relegation places. “It is very bitter to give up a game in such a way that it would not have been necessary. But we have to go through there now and I am convinced that we will get through there, ”said Anfang.

If the SVD was still on course with its favorite active style of play in the first half against a staid opponent who had not won four games before with a solid performance, the second half was extremely gloomy. Not a single significant degree was achieved. And that although the attacker started in the final phase Serdar Dursun with the substitutes Aaron Seydel, Felix Platte and Patric Pfeiffer put three tall professionals at the side. But despite four men, each 1.90 meters and more, not even one of the long-hit balls caused danger on this used Darmstadt football afternoon in the Ore Mountains. After the change, Coach Anfang brought more fire into the game with his announcements than the professionals in their duels.

Even before the break, the “lilies” had to realize that pretty ball passages alone would not lead to the goal if they were not supplemented with stringency and efficiency in or around the opponent’s penalty area. Mehlem, who missed the target from a good position (15th), Dursun, who headed to the ball after a corner (17th) and Mathias Honsak, who shot well over the goal, had the best Darmstadt opportunities in 90 minutes. Even 60 percent possession didn’t help. Especially since the offensive players Honsak and Mehlem missed three good opportunities when they made weak ball assumptions with precise diagonal balls. Midfielder Tobias Kempe recognized: “We lacked the conviction up front to do these things. You can’t win a game like this. “


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