Suzuki Thunder 250 Cc So Hurry, Previously Not Up to Rp. 8 Million, Now Soar

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This cool second section will discuss the Suzuki Thunder 250, a 250cc sports bike that was born at the wrong time. – Indeed for prestige, Suzuki Thunder 250 still lost to classmates even below him.

Just say it Honda Tiger and Yamaha Scorpio which is now no stranger to the ear.

Even so, getting here Suzuki Thunder 250 many hunted which makes the selling price even higher.

Welly, the owner of Karisma Motor said that in the last five years Suzuki Thunder 250 is being hunted a lot.

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“Prices have risen to date, my friend last sold Rp. 45 million, it’s a smooth condition,” said the owner of a specialist workshop for Suzuki motorbikes 250 cc and above located in Cinere, Depok (17/10/2020).

In fact, Welly said that ten years ago this naked sport made by the factory bearing the S logo didn’t cost up to Rp. 10 million.

“Ten years ago it was at most Rp. 7 to Rp. 8 million,” he explained.

Furthermore, this man who is an expert on Suzuki motorbikes explained that the price of the Thunder 250 is basically not determined by year.

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