SUV jaunt of a 16-year-old: “Always wanted to go to Bavaria”

Updated January 4, 2020, 6:51 p.m.

A 16-year-old Lower Saxony drove across Germany with a stolen SUV. The youth had stolen the vehicle from a youth facility.

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Without a license, a 16-year-old from Lower Saxony spent days with a stolen off-road vehicle Germany drove to Bavaria. The youngster had stolen the SUV from a youth facility in his place of residence on New Year’s Eve, as the police headquarters in Lower Franconia announced on Saturday.

While the police are in Lower Saxony Already looking for him, he drove through previously unknown routes through several federal states for three days. In view of the distance traveled, he must have refueled at least twice, said chief police chief Michael Zimmer. But without paying.

“Hungry but well”

The runaway from northern Lower Saxony suddenly appeared on Friday evening at the police inspection in Bad Kissingen, Lower Franconia. “He was hungry but well,” said the police spokesman. When asked what he thought of the action, the 16-year-old said to the officials: “I’ve always wanted to go to Bavaria”.

His parents picked him up that evening. The car was no longer safe to drive and was towed away. Among other things, the rear window was significantly damaged. Criminal investigations were now underway against the youth, the police spokesman said. He is accused of driving without a license, embezzlement of the car and fuel fraud. (Dpa / sg)

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