Suthasinee, table tennis player Revealing not enough fit to make a fall league form

Suthasinee Sawatabut, a young Thai table tennis player, ranked 41 in the world who traveled to compete in a professional league in Japan, “T-League” revealed that he was not fit enough to form a fallen league. Per 4 matches in Doha

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The movement of “Ying” Suthasinee Sawatabut, the 41st Thai national table tennis player who traveled to the professional league in Japan “T-League” for the 2020-2021 season under the agency “Nippon Pen Mollets, which Suthasini has been traveling for a long time in Japan since November 2, 2020, has not returned to Thailand due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Most recently, the Nippon Paint Mall competition program. Lets affiliated with Suthasini this season has ended on 21 Feb. ago. Which can do the 3rd place in the league out of all 4 teams participating Which is better than last season finishing in 4th place, while Suthasini’s personal performance competed in 20 matches, won 2, lost 18, took 15th place in the women’s singles standings out of 22 female athletes.

“Ying” Suthasinee Sawatabutra revealed that the results came out because of her fitness condition was not in the full range. Because he had to suspend the competition and training for 3-4 months from the mission that had to attend the police cadet in Nakhon Pathom province. At first contacted by the club, they refused to participate. But the way they really express their intentions that they want to join the team When he finished his training, the centurion had only 3 weeks to return to training and then had to travel to Japan. Unlike last season that he prepared very well.

“There is also a matter of where this year I will be matched against a large number of athletes. There are many world matches such as Ishikawakasumi, Hiranomiyu, or Hina Hayata, among others. These hands are in the top ten of the world. Unlike last year, the mice were often caught into match 4, where they faced an opponent who was not the strongest on the team. She realized that her skill was not at the top of the world, but she tried to gain as much experience as she could. She does her best in every match. Another thing is Ying says Ying is satisfied with having learned to be here alone for over 3 months, thanks to all the fans who always give her strength. Not only Thai fans, Japanese fans also greeted Aji to cheer up women. Thank you very much, for the next season, Nippon Paint Mallets has said that I want women to join together again for the third season, so I have to wait and follow, ”said Suthasini.

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On February 25, “Ying” Suthasinee Sawettrabutra traveled to Doha, Qatar to join two younger generations to join the Thai national team, “Thip” Orawan. Paranang with “Bright” Phadasak Tanviriyavejkul competed in 4 contests consisting of table tennis competition, collecting 2 world points: World Table Tennis, WT, Contender. 28 Feb. – 6 Mar. 64 and World Table Tennis Wtt Star Containers during 5-13 Mar’21 before qualifying battles Two Olympic Games 2020, the first is open to athletes from all over the world to qualify for the World Singles Qualification Tournament between 14-17 there. C. 64 and culminates with the Asian Olympic Quota Qualification in the Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament between 18-20 March ’64.

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