Sustainable single-family home insurance from Domcura | expert report

According to the Association of the German Insurance Industry Natural forces such as storms, hail and heavy rain cause damage averaging around 3.7 billion euros each year.

The underwriter Domcura now feels it has an obligation in the fight against climate change and offers sustainable insurance for owners of single-family homes.

Who in a claim to repair the damage sustainable materials and sets energy-efficient solutions, receives an additional service of up to 50,000 euros.

In addition, the new eco-policy provides for a Fire damage Completely offsetting the climate-damaging greenhouse gas CO2: For example, trees are planted for the CO2 released in the event of a fire to compensate for the resulting climate damage. In addition, customers are reimbursed a large part of the consulting costs for sustainable technologies.

Rainer Brand, Chief Products and Operations Officer, says:

“Climate protection and sustainability aspects are the big issues in our society. That is why, as a specialist in homeowners insurance, we asked ourselves: what can we do in concrete terms to do our part? The result is this sustainable single-family home insurance, which is unique in this scope in the German insurance industry. “

Domcura sustainable single-family home insurance can be purchased through brokers, broker pools, agents, financial service providers or insurance portals.

Domcura has set itself the goal of being climate neutral by 2022. In addition to purchasing green electricity at its three locations in Kiel, Hamburg and Arnstadt (Thuringia), Domcura has therefore also appointed a sustainability officer who, together with the management board and the 330 employees, develops and implements appropriate measures.

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