Suspicious data creating tension in Tripoli schools

The sectarian problems left by the division over the timing expanded, and after that the decision of the Minister of Education, which decided to adopt the summer time, and anonymous leaflets appeared and were distributed on social media in Tripoli threatening Christian schools and Catholic schools to abide by the decision of the Minister of Education.

A leaflet was distributed stating: “We tell you, do not open the doors of your schools tomorrow, except for winter time, and respect the blessed month of Ramadan and our fasting, and we are on the lookout for you.”
Another leaflet warned the principals of schools in Tripoli that did not abide by the Prime Minister’s decision that their decision would have dire consequences, starting tomorrow, and said, “Adhere to the decision so that we do not fall into major problems, and you will bear the safety of your students. Tomorrow is close.”

A third leaflet called on the beloved people of Tripoli to “boycott sectarian schools in Tripoli.”
While private schools in Tripoli announced their rejection of the decision, other schools confirmed their commitment to it, such as the Maronite Bishop’s Schools and the Holy Family Sisters.
It is noteworthy that schools remained in the darkest conditions, especially during the years of war, opening their doors to teach the people of Tripoli knowledge, and they were subjected to many harassments during the days of “unification” and remained persistent in serving Tripoli and its people.

In light of this matter, Mar Elias School – Al-Mina announced that it will wear a dress of sadness and mourning and that we will “close our doors” tomorrow, Monday, March 27, 2023, while the evangelical schools left the freedom to their schools scattered on Lebanese soil to take the appropriate decision.

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