Suspicion of particular assault in “team assault on monks” … “A few persons join”

A member of the Jogye Purchase union, who was attacked by several monks through an specific protest, filed a grievance with the law enforcement on rates of distinctive assault.

Park Mo, a member of the KCTU’s Jogye Order union, submitted a grievance at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul currently (18) and demanded an investigation into the special injuries allegations against them, saying there were being a few monks who straight took component in the assault, not the two earlier recognised.

Park claimed there were being rumors that a preliminary meeting would be held the day in advance of the team assault and requested to investigate irrespective of whether the monk Ja-seung, the proprietor of the Bongeunsa temple, etcetera.

He also mentioned the police must apologize for the actuality that the police at the scene did not actively prevent the attack, did not arrest the present criminal, and did not immediately collect evidence like a bucket of humans.

Park, who was fired from the Jogye Order on the 14th for criticizing the team, was attacked by numerous monks throughout an unique protest.

A monk from Bongeunsa, involved in the incident, introduced a confessional assertion two days later, saying, “Even even though I couldn’t control my thoughts appropriate now, it was a miscalculation that deserved apology and repentance around and about again. “.

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