suspended workers fell to 7,600 and will be paid in the last week of June

The manager of Economic Benefits of the Social Security Institute (IPS), Dr. Pedro Halley, mentioned that the number of people suspended has decreased in the last month, a situation that would allow them to continue paying compensation for two more months.

“Contrary to our predictions in March and April, we are doing well because the suspensions of formal workers have decreased a lot, to the point that we are in the order of 7,600 economic compensation with contract suspension to date,” he said in contact with the Radio Universe 970 AM.

However, the representative mentioned that the rate of the preventive isolation allowance increased. “Healthy people began to stay at home as a precaution and that brought the number to 4,000 per month and we have already reached 74,000 applications. This indicates that people are returning to work, but at the same time that they take better care of themselves and if there is someone in their circle who became ill, people ask for isolation, ”he commented.

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He specified that in terms of resources, the IPS still has about 12 million dollars in cash of the 100 million dollars that the State gave in April of last year.

“It is a lot or a little, it depends on how the demand behaves. If we talk about these amounts that I indicated, we would disburse between 4 and 5 million dollars per month. That is, we would have to hold out for two months or a little more, but if this goes off again, which I don’t think, the money would run out sooner, “he said.

Halley recalled that the head of the IPS managed a reinforcement of the State’s debt with the institute of another 30 to 50 million dollars. “We will have that amount in reserve if this goes off again,” he explained.

It should be noted that at a certain point the suspensions as a result of the restrictions due to the appearance of COVID-19 reached 140,000 dismissals per month.

“This notable drop can be attributed to the reactivation of staff through the extended hours of the night sector, such as restaurants, gastronomy, hotels, travel agencies, events and others who rejoined and that observation we made that there were companies that were simulating the suspension of their personnel when they continued to work, but received part of their salary from IPS, that contributed and many people regularized their situation ”.

Finally, he specified that in the last week of June the next disbursement will be made to the 7,600 suspended that they currently have on record.

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