Suspected Perpetrator of Mother and Child Murder in Subang Successfully Arrested, Figure with the initials ‘S’!

Writer : Aisha Amalia Putri

SUBANG, KOMPAS.TV – The case of the murder of mother and child in Subang, West Java, which had been in the spotlight, is now starting to come to light.

The alleged perpetrator of the sadistic murder was arrested by the police in the Kali Adem area, North Jakarta.

The figure who was arrested was a man with the initials S.

Investigators suspect he was at the scene at the time of the murder, but S is still a witness.

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Meanwhile, the victim’s husband, who had been questioned several times as a witness, asked the police to immediately reveal this murder case.

The incident of the murder of mother and child was hotly discussed by the public.

The mystery of who the killer is hasn’t even been revealed until a year has passed.

Now the police are again asked to immediately resolve this case.

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