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The Lexus NX big facelift, which has been passed for a long time, finally has a very clear, suspiciously clear body view and interior screen. This video that appeared on the Internet has a high probability of Lexus NX big facelift.

The Lexus NX in the film is an NX 200 model.

The coherent taillights are similar to current Lexus models, including IS and UX.

Suspected Lexus NX facelift photo album

The video uploaded on the Internet has actually been taken off the shelves, but the relevant appearance and interior images can still be seen through screenshots. In this video, the NX 200 appears, although it is an entry-level model of NX. However, the general changes in NX can be seen, such as a more magnificent radiator cover, three-eye headlights, and a more streamlined Coupe C-pillar rear design. The rear is caught up with the design boom in the car industry. The coherent taillights echo with their own brothers such as IS and UX.

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The inclined design behind the C-pillar makes NX feel more Coupe.

Sure enough, the central control, as previously captured by foreign media, imported a large touch screen, and you can also see the configuration of the digital dashboard.

Wire transmission gears also appear on NX models, with a wireless charging dock in the front and an electronic brake button in the rear.

At the first glance in the car, you can see the large touch screen of the central control. The central saddle has also added a transmission gear design, in addition to a new steering wheel, digital instrument panel and so on.

At the end of the film, the pictures of NX 350h with petrol-electricity and NX 450+ with plug-in petrol-electricity also appeared. As for whether the film is true, the true chapter will be visible after NX is listed.

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