Suspected of violence against a woman, the CEO of Dauphiné Libéré steps back

The CEO of the daily Le Dauphiné Libéré Christophe Tostain retired from his duties, after being summoned again by the courts for violence against a woman.

Christophe Tostain is summoned on November 4, 2021 before the Criminal Court of Grenoble, said his lawyer Jean-Félix Luciani.

It was his own diary that revealed the facts, which date back to February 14, Valentine’s Day.

CEO of the regional daily since 2013, Christophe Tostain was summoned to the police on Tuesday March 9, who took him into custody for “violence against his recurrent concubine”, said Grenoble prosecutor Eric Vaillant .

At the end of police custody, Olivier Tostain was left free without judicial control, said Me Luciani.

Sentenced in May 2019

Christophe Tostain “does not dispute the dispute but he radically contests the physical violence”, added Me Luciani, who says he is “very surprised at the” criminal qualification “of the facts with which he is accused.

Domestic violence implies, according to the lawyer, that “the complainant would be the wife or the concubine of my client”. “However, it is neither one, nor the other,” assures the lawyer.

Stating that he had “not yet had access to the file”, Mr Luciani thus considered that it would then be a “contravention” case and not a tort.

Christophe Tostain was sentenced in May 2019 to six months suspended prison sentence for “spousal violence” and “insult” against gendarmes. Facts that he had recognized during his trial, saying he was “extremely shameful”.

Philippe Carli is acting

According to Me Luciani, Christophe Tostain “himself wished to withdraw” from the management of Dauphiné Libéré.

The Ebra group, main shareholder of the regional daily, said in a press release published in the newspaper that, “in these circumstances and in the interest of the newspaper, Philippe Carli, president of the Ebra group and administrator, will ensure the continuity of the management of the newspaper. Dauphiné Libéré ”.



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