Suspect of robbery at night shop in Kalmthout arrested (Essen)

Theme image. © Police of Antwerp


Local police, Border, arrested a 24-year-old man on Friday who raided a night shop in Kalmthout earlier this week. In addition, the man had taken money from the till.

The man entered the night shop in the Statiestraat in Kalmthout on Thursday evening around 8.45 pm. He immediately went to the manager behind the counter and dealt a few blows. “The perpetrator also threatened the manager with a knife. He was able to take cash from the till and fled the store. He did lose his flip-flops in the process, ”says the local police Grens.

The manager immediately notified the police, but the perpetrator could not be caught that same evening. It was also unclear whether he had fled on foot or by car. Via an investigation and with the help of ANPR cameras, the police were able to identify the suspect’s car on Friday.

“The 24-year-old man from Essen was arrested at home and handed over to the Antwerp public prosecutor’s office. The investigating judge will judge the further prosecution ”, the police said. The man’s friend was also arrested, but was allowed to dispose of it after questioning. He was unaware of the robbery.


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