Suspect of BV nude photos has already made victims at university: ‘We were very concerned’

When the facts were reported via the confidential advisers at the time, the university of applied sciences said it immediately called in victim support.

“In addition to providing psychological assistance, the students were also advised to file a complaint with the police. From the reporting of that period we can deduce that at least three victims actually went to the police at that time, ”it says.

‘Couldn’t guarantee a safe environment’

At the time, the university of applied sciences was “very concerned” about the offender and then called in offender assistance. After separate discussions with both parties, the school ruled that a safe environment could no longer be guaranteed for the victims.

“That is why a sanction was imposed and the student was banned from continuing to study at LUCA School of Arts. In this way the school could prevent the victims from coming into contact with the perpetrator during their studies. In addition, the perpetrator committed himself to request therapeutic help, ”the school reports.

Today, the college’s concern is primarily with the victims. “They were very fond of their privacy in the handling of this painful file. So we will not communicate about them, but they will all be contacted again by our aid workers and we will offer them our support if they wish to call on it. ”

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