Suspect in case of death fourteen-year-old Esmee also had child pornography | NOW

Olivier van de G., who is on trial for killing and abusing fourteen-year-old Esmee from Hazerswoude-Rijndijk, is also suspected of possessing child pornography. That became clear on Friday during a new introductory session in The Hague in the lawsuit against the 33-year-old gymnastics teacher from Leiden.

It concerns 275 files on the computer that Van de G. would have taken from the internet. According to the Public Prosecution Service, it is not footage of Esmee.

Last December 30, Esmee disappeared. A day later, her body was found by a group of athletes in a play park on the Melchior Treublaan in Leiden. At 13.00 that day, Van de G. was arrested.

The gymnastics teacher admitted that he had a sexual relationship with Esmee and that she came to his house. During a “romp” the girl is said to have been pressed against the ground with her shoulders. The suspect told the police that he held her in a kind of stranglehold until he found that she was no longer alive. He then took the body out of the flat to hide that he was dating her.

The Public Prosecution Service suspects that Van de G. strangled fourteen-year-old Esmee. He is said to have moved her body several times, from a remote road to the park where she was found. According to the Public Prosecution Service, the suspect and the victim had known each other for more than a year. During that period he allegedly committed fornication with her.

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