Suspect arrested after knife attack in ICE

A man seriously injured a controller in an ICE on the route from Munich to Augsburg with a knife. Now a suspect has been arrested.

After a knife attack on a ticket inspector all in one ICE the alleged perpetrator has been arrested. A train attendant was close on Monday during a journey Erfurt noticed a man who matched the perpetrator description published by the police, a police spokesman said on Tuesday. Together with a police officer who was also sitting in the ICE at the time, he spoke to the 25-year-old.

The policeman finally arrested the man and handed over to the federal police in Erfurt. He is to be brought before a judge on Tuesday.

Injured initiated emergency braking

The man is suspected of a 60-year-old inspector on Sunday afternoon in an ICE on the route between Munich and to have hit Augsburg near Althegnenberg (Fürstenfeldbruck district) suddenly in the face. reported. Then he is said to have stabbed several times with a knife. According to the police, the 60-year-old was seriously injured in the neck.

Despite his injuries, he was still able to initiate an emergency stop. After the train stopped, the perpetrator smashed an outer pane and fled. The police spokesman was initially unable to provide any information about the exact background to the crime.

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