Sushi Restaurant Offends Influencer by Limiting Menu Orders: Paper Crane Sushi Bar & Bistro in King City, Ontario, Canada


On TikTok, an influencer shared a bad experience eating at a sushi restaurant. He was offended by the attitude of the waiter who did not allow him to order many menus.

Restaurants generally do not limit the amount of food that visitors want to order. Visitors are free to order any menu as long as they are able to pay and spend it.

There are indeed restaurants that limit visitors’ orders by giving fines if the food doesn’t run out. However, this mostly applies to All you can eat (AYCE) style restaurants.

Even so, it turns out that there are sushi restaurants that have quite strange rules. They prohibit visitors from ordering multiple menus even though it’s not an AYCE restaurant. This was known after an influencer shared his dining experience at the restaurant.

Cassandra Mauro dines at the Paper Crane Sushi Bar & Bistro restaurant in King City, Ontario, Canada. Cassandra dines with her friend Katehrine, reports (30/05).

In uploading a video on TikTok @cassmauro, this woman said that she was very hungry when she arrived at the restaurant. They ended up ordering a menu of chicken fried rice, shrimp tempura, noodles, and two sushi rolls to be eaten together.

Because they were still hungry, Cassandra and Katherine planned to order an additional sushi roll menu. However, the plan failed after restaurant employees did not allow ordering other additional menus.

This female diner felt offended after seeing the attitude the waitress at this sushi restaurant had towards her. Photo: TikTok @cassmauro

One of the servers at the sushi restaurant said, “No no no…too much food already.”

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Hearing the ban, Cassandra and her friends wondered if it was true that they had ordered too much. Because according to the standard ordered food menu, there are 3 appetizers and 2 sushi rolls.

Cassandra also thought the waitress could earn a bigger tip when more diners ordered.

This is what a sushi restaurant looks like where the waitress offended Cassandra. Photo: TikTok @cassmauro,

Not long after, the manager of the Paper Crane restaurant approached Cassandra and Katherine’s table to check on their orders. But there was something that made Cassandra more surprised.

The restaurant manager suddenly said, “Hungry? Yes, you ordered too much food.”

The restaurant manager wanted them to move to a bigger table so there would be enough room to place their large number of orders. When they moved to the table in front of the kitchen, apparently the chef of the restaurant also watched them cynically.

The restaurant’s service offended Cassandra and Katherine. He also revealed, “When you order a lot of food at a restaurant, you get ridiculed because of your order.”

Even though it was considered too much, Cassandra proved that she and her friends were able to finish all the orders.

This video apparently went viral and has been watched by more than 1.6 million viewers.

Cassandra’s experience earned Paper Crane Restaurant bad reviews from many visitors.

“We don’t tolerate anything about body shaming,” commented one visitor.

“Your business deserves to go bankrupt because of this,” said another visitor.

The restaurant eventually apologized to Cassandra. They went so far as to deactivate their Instagram comment column because they did not expect to receive such severe social sanctions.

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