Survey: Most pubs will open as soon as the government allows them

The majority, 87 percent of restaurants and inns will open, on a day when government decisions allow it. This follows from a survey of 8,200 facilities conducted by Plzeňský Prazdroj. Roughly 11 percent want to postpone the opening to a period when they will be able to offer services without restrictions, said Zdeněk Kovář, a spokesman for the largest Czech brewery. Only two percent of the pubs, similar to the spring wave of covid, will remain closed.

The hosts are already preparing to restart the business. A large part used the closure to modify the interiors and prepare novelties. However, the date for the restart is still not definitively decided.

“From the conversations with them, we feel a great determination to restart the business and serve the guests,” said Prazdroj’s sales director Tomáš Mráz. This was confirmed, for example, by Simon Balonek from the Prague restaurant U Kruhu. “I’m looking forward to the opening more than Christmas. And from the people who come to us for a beer in the dispenser, I know that they enjoy it perhaps more than we do,” he said. Yvona Schulzová from the Aura restaurant in Ostrava reacted similarly. “Our guests are already making reservations for December, although they know that the opening date has not yet been definitively set,” she said. Martin Kružík from the Tusto Titanium restaurant in Brno lacks the most contact with people.

According to Mráz, restaurants and pubs already have interiors prepared to comply with government rules, which in the third anti-epidemic stage order half the possible capacity of guests and a maximum of four people at one table.

“We moved smaller tables for two people to the main dining area. We know from the spring experience that people were afraid to sit in larger numbers,” said Jan Větrovský from Patronka U Větráka in Losiná near Pilsen.

According to Kovář, pubs and restaurants have prepared disinfectants at the entrances and toilets, they will regularly treat tables and disinfect interiors, they will thoroughly clean glass, dishes and technology. They will perform the final cleaning of the beer pipes before opening so that the beer line is in the best condition and customers receive fresh beer, he said.

“We had room to think about changing the menu to surprise the guests,” Kružík said. News and gastronomic events in the new year are also being prepared by the U Kruhu and Aura pubs. But the innkeepers are afraid of another wave of the pandemic. “We are trying to streamline our activities and operations so that we can economically prepare for a possible further onslaught of the crown,” said Kružík.


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