Survey: 44% of the population would not be vaccinated if the Covid-19 vaccine were available in Latvia

The majority of respondents or 44% of the country’s population would not have been vaccinated if the Covid-19 vaccine were available in Latvia, according to a survey conducted by the research company Kantar TNS.

Of those who would not be vaccinated, 18% indicated that they would rather not do so, and 26% would definitely not.

Meanwhile, 38% of Latvians have indicated that they would have been vaccinated against Covid-19 if the vaccine were already available in the country, including 14% – definitely yes, but 24% – would rather be vaccinated. About one-fifth of the Latvian population does not have a specific opinion on this issue.

Meanwhile, one in three of the surveyed Latvian residents who have minor children indicated that they would vaccinate their child or children against Covid-19 if the vaccine were already available in Latvia. Almost half or 49% of the respondents have indicated that they would not do so, including 19% – rather no, but 30% – definitely not.

But 17% of the population with children under the age of 18 have not expressed an opinion on this issue.

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As reported, according to forecasts, the first vaccines against Covid-19 in Latvia could be delivered in the first quarter of next year. Minister of Health Ilze Sheķele (AP) has previously confirmed that they will be safe. Currently, the Ministry of Health plans to provide 800,000 people with the state-paid vaccine.

The Kantar survey was conducted by surveying the population of Latvia aged 18 to 60 via the Internet.


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