Surprisingly, the Ford Bronco does not steal Jeep customers, has it found a hole in the market?

We all thought that the new Ford Bronco was noticeably involved in Jeep Wrangler sales, but according to the latest data, this has not happened.

When Ford introduced the new generation of the Bronco after many decades of waiting, it was immediately clear to all of us that it would be a serious competitor to the Jeep Wrangler, which until then had held a fearless position in the off-road SUV segment. But now there was a surprise.

A new S&P Global Mobility study, highlighted by colleagues at Carscoops, shows that Ford Bronco sales have indeed been growing over the past nine months, but Jeep Wrangler sales are not declining. Bronc’s sales were expected to increase by about 6%, but Wrangler still reportedly holds about 7 to 9 percent of market share.

In other words, sales of the Ford Bronco are still growing, but not at the expense of the Wrangler, which is probably still doing just as well. It is therefore likely that Ford has succeeded in reaching completely new customers, which the blue oval has once again drawn into the world of rugged off-road SUVs.

I don’t think he would take the Jeep market,“Chuck Anderson, Ford dealership manager in Missouri, told the new Bronc. “I think it gives people who have never given this segment a chance to buy something they want“Colleagues from Automotive News quote the words of the manager.

At the same time, it also turns out that there is clearly more space in this segment than expected. So far, at least for these two models, but in the future, further growth of this segment may not be ruled out.

The interesting thing will be whether anyone else wants to get involved,Comments on the market situation Stephanie Brinley from S&P Global Mobility. “We’re not saying there’s a huge opportunity for growth in this area, but Bronco has obviously made a bigger pie.

At a time when the world is slowly turning to electromobility, it will of course be interesting to see if another brand emerges that will try to attract fans of robust off-road vehicles with a glorious history. However, one of the candidates could be Volkswagen, which wants to resurrect the American brand Scout, which should offer electric off-road and pick-up in the USA. However, we will have to wait a few more years for the first cars.

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