Surprisingly, a third of Britons agree to live with more than one wife

A minority of Britons, but a very large one, agree to live with more than one wife or partner, if legal and consensual, according to a study revealed by researchers at Swansea University in Wales, who asked 1,000 people in the UK about their whereabouts about sharing your partner with another person. , or their own participation with it, and it became clear that 32% of men are open to the idea, which has only been unwelcomed by 5% of women.

The research was based on the results of a question that was asked in the first part of the study to 393 men and women about a relationship similar to polygamy for men, learned from coverage by British newspaper The Times Today, Monday, for the study, it became clear that men were interested in polygamy.

To verify if the results were a coincidence, the researchers conducted another survey with 735 elderly men and women in the first category, i.e. the average age of one of them is 33 years, against an average of 25 in the first section. and 39% of men said they were open to polygamy, as I accepted it, only 5% of women. Thus, wrote the researchers, interest in polygamy “appears to be present despite cultural forces that impede it, indicating that such interests may be part of the evolving psychology of mating rather than a product of culture,” according to their analyses.

Dr Andrew Thomas, lead author of the study

They also said in the study that there has been a greater interest of men in polygamy, while women may suffer from having to share their partner’s assets with other wives.

The study authors did not ignore an important issue

This finding surprised Dr Andrew Thomas, lead author of the study, who told the journal: ‘It was gender differences that interested me the most. However, there is a big difference between openness, interest and actually pursuing these interests”.

The authors of the research study did not ignore an important issue, which they discovered can subconsciously influence the opinion of men and women about polygamy, namely that the marriage of a man to two women, or of a woman to two men, is punishable with 7 years in prison in the UK.

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