Surprised that Rendy looks like Adi, Irvan Tega bothers Katrin For Jessica’s recovery? Love Bond 12 October 2021

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – soap operas Love Bond, Tuesday, 12 October 2021, will present some interesting facts. Among them are reviews about the figure of Name who is fiance Jessica.

Love Bond will be back on RCTI, tonight, at 19.45 WIB, *if there is no change in broadcast time.

In the previous episode, told Jessica waiting for his father Irvan, in the rehab room.

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Irvan never came, and Jessica fell asleep. Then Jessica dream of meeting Name. Name seen wearing white clothes in a dream Jessica.

But face Name invisible because of the figure Name only shown being turned around.

stature Name quite similar to Randy who is Aldebaran’s assistant.

This is a discussion, where Name is said to be Randy.

Back again to the dream scene Jessica, child Irvan it hasn’t come yet Name and even held captive by a mysterious man wearing a head covering.



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