Surprise! Unexpected candidate for the BNB

The fierce battle for the head of the BNB is coming to an end. A leadership council of the ruling coalition convened by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov has been running in the Council of Ministers for more than two hours.

Surprisingly, the nomination of the chairman of the parliamentary group Andrei Gyurov has been submitted by “We continue the Change”, Epicenter reported. Before becoming a politician, he was a professor of finance at the American University in Bulgaria. For more than 15 years he has held expert and managerial positions in banking institutions in the United States and Europe. Behind Andrei Gyurov stand only from the PP.

At the same time, “There are such people” continue to insist that the central bank be headed by their MP Lubomir Karimanski.

The deadline for nominations for BNB Governor expires at the end of the working day on Wednesday, March 23, after it was extended by 7 days, because in the previous one – March 18, no candidacy was submitted.

According to the coalition agreement, the four parties that make up the ruling coalition must come forward with a single candidacy for a new head of the BNB, as the term of the current governor Dimitar Radev expired last year.


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