SURPRISE The inventor of the Romanian anticoronavirus vaccine became INFECTED: he had administered his own serum to test it – News by sources

Virgil Păunescu, the Romanian researcher who announced that he invented the first one vaccine Romanian anticoronavirus became infected with COVID 19. According to the Opinia Timișoara website, Păunescu, who runs the Oncogen Institute, would not have been vaccinated with any of the sera officially approved in the EU and which are available on the Romanian market.

“I was given the vaccine that I announced I had been developing since February. In the meantime we have received the substances, the proteins that make up this vaccine, and because we want to collaborate, and we will collaborate with the Cantacuzino Institute, we thought of making it as simple as possible. It is administered in the form of an aerosol or drops. I administered intranasal drops in a vitamin A solution. I made this gesture because we got stuck, on the one hand with the research due to lack of funds, on the other hand because I am the main investigator in this anyway. subject and I am the most, so to speak, not justified, but the most appropriate to observe what happens if you get vaccinated – what are the post-vaccine reactions, what are the side effects in particular, because this phase of testing is generally related to vaccine safety.

I got to this testing phase pretty quickly, but I consider myself the most knowledgeable about what I did, so I can take on this test. In fact, we would have done some more animal tests, more or less conclusive, after which you also get to human subjects. I have no hope that animal experiments will tell me something I don’t know. I do not hope to save the world and I have no illusions that we will make the vaccine that will save the planet from COVID. Our problem is to stay in competition as close as possible to the leading echelon. and to succeed in the end to make a safe vaccine that we can produce in Romania and that will remain in the portfolio of the Cantacuzino Institute, with which we signed a collaboration agreement.

People wrote to me to try too. It’s not necessary. The maximum that the law allows me is to administer it to myself. By no means until someone else passes the experiments that Cantacuzino is going to do on animals. It is an institution independent of us and an institution with a qualified staff. I hope that the institute will remain in its portfolio with a technology that is different from our other competitors “, Virgil Paunescu stated in May 2020.



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